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Nature Restoration Law: What is happening now?

MCE has been watching closely the progress made with regard to the approval of the Nature Conservation Law (NRL).

After the Council and Parliament adopted their position on the EU Commission’s proposal for the NRL by July 2023, the trilogue phase of the legislative procedure began. This means that the three institutions responsible for the file are now negotiating among each other on the final version of the law, that will then be voted on and eventually become reality.

This phase is delicate and important, as what will actually be included in the NRL is currently being decided.

The last trilogue meeting, where the final deal on the law will be (provisionally) agreed, is going to be on 9th of November 2023.

This is why a twitter storm is taking place today, 06/11/2023, at 12.00-13.00 CET to make our voice heard louder again and show the negotiators that we are still watching them: we want a strong Nature Restoration Law!

The #hashtag for this twitter storm is: #RestoreNature

How does a twitter storm work? A Twitter storm is a sudden spike in activity surrounding a certain topic on the Twitter social media site. By tweeting at the same time and using the same #hashtag, we get the #hashtag on the trending list of twitter and our messages get pushed more so they become more popular/appear more. Please also retweet tweets with the #RestoreNature hashtag as much as you can during that hour.

You can also check out the following video that summarizes where we stand today. You can find out more in the #RestoreNature joint statement.

MCE’s position on the European Commission’s communication on wolves in Europe

Mammal Conservation Europe is very concerned about the European Commission’s Press Release on wolves in Europe (

We have therefore written to the President, and the Head of the Directorate General for Environment at the Commission. You can find out more about our response HERE.


Click HERE to learn more about MCE’s conservation initiative for the Garden Dormouse.

Attribution: © Jan Ebr; some rights reserved. Source: iNaturalist


Mammal Conservation Europe is a new network of organisations working for mammal research and conservation

Mammal Conservation Europe is a new network of organisations working for mammal research and conservation

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