Why join us?

Mammal Conservation Europe has the bold goal of uniting efforts, knowledge and resources to achieve thriving native mammal populations across the continent. Although mammals are very diverse, many share similar threats, such as habitat destruction, pollution, and conflicts with humans and/or invasive species. By acting together, we will provide effective evidence and advocacy, and ensure a sustainable future for Europe’s mammals and their habitats.

How to join us

Organisations interested in mammal research and conservation are welcome to become members of Mammal Conservation Europe (MCE). Members share the goals, values and principles of Mammal Conservation Europe and commit to actively participating in the association’s activities. To become a member, the legal entity (e.g. a non-governmental conservation organisation, research group, publisher, etc.) should send the application form to

MCE has two forms of membership – full and prospective. Both can participate in the activities of the association, but only full members have voting rights.

Private individuals wishing to become MCE supporters should email us at Supporters are welcome to participate in activities of MCE but do not have voting rights. We appreciate the variety of contributions made by supporters: these include voluntary financial donations, provision of expertise, pro-bono activities, and the loan or donation of equipment.

Sponsorship: to discuss potential sponsorship arrangements, please contact us at